1354 Flight RAF

Formed on July 1, 1945 by renumbering the DDT Flght at Digri
Initially name No. 1354 (DDT Spraying) Flight
Renamed No. 1354 Special Duties Flight in October 1945
Renamed No. 1354 Spray (Insecticide) Flight in November 1945
The Flight was disbanded on February 15, 1946.

Squadron Bases in SEAC:

Digri: July 1945 to November 1945
Mingaladon: November 1945
Pegu: November 1945 to February 1946

Aircraft types flown:

Liberator VI/VII

 Liberators listed as serving with 1354 Flight

Includes the "fates" of the aircraft.

KH355, the "Kentucky Colonel" (The 1,000th aircraft modified for the RAF at Louisville)

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Updated February 21, 2008