159 Squadron RAF

Details on 159 Squadron's "Special Flight"

Liberators listed as serving with 159 Squadron
Includes the "fates" of the aircraft.

Transcripts of 159 Squadron's Official Records

Crews of 159 Squadron: January, 1944 to March, 1945.

"Nose Art" on 159's Liberators

Photos of crews and aircraft

The following files are transcripts of F/O C. Bowden's (RAAF) and F/S C. Fristrom's (RAAF) log books for their flights as co-pilot and pilot with 159 Squadron.


The files may also be downloaded in Microsoft Word 6 format
The files are now available in PDF format

F/S Fristrom with ground crew in front of Liberator (63k)


R. A. Carty Photos
Robert Carty was the Flight Engineer on Fristom's crew; these photos are courtesy of his son.

J. C. Knautz Photo
This photo of WO2 J.C. (Joe) Knautz was kindly provided by his daughter. It shows Joe standing by the "nose art" (Pegasus) on one of the Liberators he flew on with 159 Squadron. Joe flew as a nose gunner; other members of his crew were F/O Roy Borthwick, captain; P/O Fred Nesbitt, co-pilot; P/O Ernie Kennedy, navigator; Sgt. Dick Meredith, wireless op; P/O Bill Drew, bomb aimer; and Sgt. Bill Ross, tail gunner.

D.W. Thomas Photos
F/O D.W. Thomas was a wireless operator on F/L H. Readhead's crew. He had saved a number of photos of the crew, aircraft, and targets from his time in service in SEAC, and placed them in a photo album. Thanks to the efforts of his son, these can now be viewed.

The Log Book of F/O A. H. Fryer
The Nephew of F/O Fryer has generously shared his log book. F/O Fryer served as a Bomb Aimer on 159 Squadron from Jan. 1945 until Sept. 1946. Initial only the post war entries have been transcribed. These entries illustrate the continued use of the Liberator by 159 Squadron after VJ day. Among other activities was the "rice dropping" sorties, giving humanitarian aid to the local populations.

 Air Gunner T. F. Ewatski's story, by Stella Hyniuk
WO T. F. Ewatski RCAF was an air gunner on 159 Squadron. Prof. S. Hyrniuk produced a short book on some of his experiences. With the author's permission, the book has been reproduced on this site.

A. S. "Sam" Bourque's experiences on 159

George Barker-Read's story of  producing the Christmas 1944 show.

George Barker-Read's brief story of his service in the RAF from 1942 until 1946.

The Log Book of Bill Cosway
Canadian Bill Cosway flew 20 ops as a 355 Squadron navigator, followed by 18 ops with 159 Squadron after it had been chosen to be South East Asia Command's Pathfinder (PFF) squadron.  Bill's crew and other skilled crews were posted to 159 from other squadrons specifically to bolster its PFF capabilities.  Bill is very proud to have contributed as a PFF navigator.  Thanks to the efforts of Matt Poole, Bill's logbook has been transcribed, with notes by Matt.

Flight Sergeant P. Squires' Diary of his Operational Flights.
F/Sgt. Squires was a Flight Engineer who flew operationally during the period of January 1944 to November 1944.
He wrote a diary which covered the details of each operation he was on. Thanks to the generosity of his son, the diary is now available to read.

William Gerald Schroeder's Life in the RCAF.
William Schroeder joined the RCAF in 1941, and served on 159 Squadron January 1945 until February 9th, 1945, when he was "Killed in Action" over Burma.
His brother Leroy prepared this story of his Williams service, and thanks to his daughter, it is now available to read.
(File in PDF/A format)

Don Lomas' Diaries
.Don Lomas was a wireless operator/air gunner on BZ926 P/Pegasus, which was shot down over Rangoon Feb. 29, 1944. Don was captured and he survived imprisonment in Rangoon Jail. From April 24 to July 14, 1945, Don had kept a diary for some of this period, and a diary for the period in 1944 prior to Feb. 29th. They have been transcribed by Matt Poole, who has added photographs and other information.
On 15 October 2008, Don passed away peacefully, age 92, in a nursing home near his home in Mytholmroyd, West Yorkshire, England.  He was very pleased that his diary has been presented to the world.

Don's Diary for January 1, 1944 to February 28, 1944
(Revised Version June 2009)
(low resolution, 1.5Meg file) (high resolution, 4.8Meg file)
Don's Diary for April 24, 1945 to July 14, 1945
(low resolution, 600K file)
(high resolution, 3Meg file)

RAF Liberator Serials from Logbooks, by Matt Poole
This document records serials and codes of RAF Liberators, plus an analysis on an aircraft by aircraft basis.
At this time it is based on the logbooks of 58 airmen who served on Liberators,
many having served some time on 159 Squadron..
(Updated version, May, 2012)

Details on "Chocks Away!", by W/Cdr. Beck
Wing Commander Beck, who served on 159 Squadron in the Mediterranean Theater, wrote a book covering all his wartime service, including the time he spent in SEAC

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