Sidney Bullock, W/Op



Sidney Bullock was trained as a wireless operator at No. 4 Radio School in England.

After graduating he was sent to India, where he served on 185 Wing.

His Trip to India, and his time there are detailed in the following diary:

Diary of Indian Service: S. Bullock w/op 1678445 185 Wing RAF India


Left Liverpool on board HMT Maloja on 18th July 1943.
Arrived in Greenock the following day, 19th July 1943, left Greenock after refuelling, the same night, 19th July 1943.
Arrived Freetown (Sierra Leone) 1st August 1943. Left Freetown after fuelling and watering 5th August 1943.
Arrived Cape Town, South Africa 18th August 1943.
Left Cape Town after fuelling and watering 19th August 1943.
Arrived Durban where we unloaded and loaded various goods and where we were allowed a few days of shore leave 22nd August 1943.
Left Durban with lots of misgivings on 28th August 1943.
Arrived Bombay, India 10th September 1943.
Proceeded to transit camp at Worli for the purpose of being issued with a few necessities and the arrival of postings.
Left Bombay on board HMT Ascanius 25th September 1943.
Arrived Colombo, Ceylon 29th September 1943.
Left Colombo after refuelling and watering on the same night.
Arrived Calcutta, India 7th October 1943.
Proceeded to transit camp to await postings.
Left Calcutta from Howrah station 13th October 1943.
After a fairly rough journey by rail and the Indian ferry, paddle steamer Afghan, arrived Feni 15th October 1943.
Left Feni after forming the wing and gaining a small knowledge of wireless operating from 167 Wing personnel 21st November 1943.
After another journey by the same means as the way we came, with a hundred or so miles added arrived in Chandrakona Road Station from where we proceeded to Digri 23rd November 1943.
Left Digri 19th February 1944.
Arrived Calcutta same night about midnight 19th February 1944.
After a day’s outing in Calcutta, left on 20th February 1944.
Arrived Dhubulia where signals personnel received A/Cs as from 1/3/1944 on the 21st February 1944.
Left Dhubulia 15th April 1944.
After 30 hours travelling (120 miles on a slow train) arrived at Digri 17th April 1944.
Left Digni 17th July 1944.
Arrived Dehera Din (Chakrata) 21st July 1944.
Left Dehera Din (Chakrata) 4th August 1944.
Arrived back at Digri after 4 days jouney 8th August 1944.
Still at Digri as 5770 Mobile Signals Unit A.A.C from 1st January 1945.
Left Digri 29/7/1945 G.M.C. for Calcutta, stayed at Lal until 24 July 1945.
Lal to Salbain by ghan (?) stayed one day after getting half way to Pegu (Burma). Took off at 07.30 25th July 1945 arrived Pegu 11.30. Tented etc.
As from 15th April 1946, tour down to 3 years. Due home July 17th 1946.

Sidney Bullock received his training as a W/Op at No. 4 Radio School, Madley.


A Photograph of his Class at No. 4 Radio School, 1943.


Some of the Class became "aircrew" on graduation, and signed the back of the photo.

At the Radio School there was a competition for the Fagan Trophy in March, 1943


A photo of the winners of the trophy from No. 3 Wing.

(With thanks to Glyn Aubrey, S. Bullock's nephew, who kindly provided the Diary and Photographs.)

(Notes on No. 185 Wing, RAF, India)

The Squadrons and Flights which made up a wing were often changed, and some only were part of the wing for a brief period.
In some cases only a detactment from a Squadron became part of the Wing.

Some of the Squadrons and Flights which were part of 185 Wing in the 1944 to 1945 period were:

No. 27 Squadron, No. 28 Squadron, No. 96 Squadron, No. 159 Squadron, No. 215 Squadron, No. 321 Squadron, No. 357 Squadron, No. 358 Squadron, DDT Flight, No. 1341 Flight, No. 1576 Flight, No. 22 AACU 'B' Flight.



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