203 Squadron RAF

Transcripts of 203 Squadron Records, while in SEAC

All the Form 540's and 541's for the Liberator period (October 1944 to April 1946)
(Note: These transcripts still need work, but some have been updated since the individual records listed below were created. This document also contains an "Index of Names".)

(Initial drafts -- on a few the sections of the copies were unreadable and some transcripts need a lot of work)
Form 541's were not produced after August 1945, i.e. after the end of the war.

October 1944 Form 540
November 1944 Form 540
December 1944 Form 540
December 1944 Form 541
January 1945 Form 540
January 1945 Form 541
February 1945 Form 540
March 1945 Form 540
March 1945 Form 541
April 1945 Form 540
April 1945 Form 541
May 1945 Form 540
May 1945 Form 540 Cuttack Detachment
May 1945 Form 541
June 1945 Form 540
June 1945 Form 540 Akyab Detachment
June 1945 Form 541
July 1945 Form 540
July 1945 Form 541
August 1945 Form 540
August 1945 Form 540 Cocos Detachment
August 1945 Form 541
September 1945 Form 540
October 1945 Form 540
November 1945 Form 540
December 1945 Form 540
January 1946 Form 540
February 1946 Form 540
March 1946 Form 540
April 1946 Form 540

Prior to its use of Liberators, 203 Squadron operated Wellingtons
Some information on this era.

Liberators listed as serving with 203 Squadron
Includes the "fates" of the aircraft.

The Painting by Frank Wootton P.G. Av A
"P/O Eric. H Cocks, RAAF, flying a B24, 203 Squadron RAF
in a low level bombing attack on enemy ships in Bandon Harbour, Malaya
6th July 1945"
(presented here courtesy of E. H. Cocks)

"P" KH185

(Photographs of 203 Squadron members in the Mediterranean Theatre while on Baltimores on this page.)


Tom Webster's RAF Service

Tom Webster joined the RAF in May 1942 and served until February 1947.
He has written a document containing details of his career in the RAF.
This document covers all the time he spent in training, his ferrying a Liberator to England, and his time as a pilot on 203 Squadron.
Tom has generously agreed to have the document posted on this website.
The RAF Career of Tom Webster (pdf format)
The RAF Career of Tom Webster (pdf-a format)

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