215 Squadron RAF

Reformed October 1, 1935 at Worthy Down from "A" flight of 58 squadron.It initially flew Viginia Anson and Harrow aircraft.Twice (in April 1940 and May 1940) it was absorbed into No. 11 OTU.It was reformed again on December 9, 1941 at Newmarket for "overseas service".Air crew were trained at Waterbeach starting February 21, 1942 on Wellington aircraft.The Wellingtons were flown to India at the end of March 1942.Wellingtons were used for supply dropping and bombing until June 23, 1943, when the squadron was withdrawn from operations for conversion to Liberators.Liberators were used on operations starting October 1, 1944 until the squadron's role was changed to transport duties in April 1945 using Dakota aircraft.On February 15, 1946 the squadron was renumbered as 48 squadron.

Squadron Bases in India:

(While using Liberator and Wellington aircraft)

Aircraft types flown:

(While in India)

 Information from the Official Records

Transcripts of Records relating to 215 Squadron's Operations in India. 


Liberators listed as serving with 215 Squadron
Includes the "fates" of the aircraft.


 W/O J. L Gilbert RNZAF served as a navigator with 215 Squadron on Liberator and Dakota aircraft. He has kindly provided a copy of his log book.

Flying Log of W/O J. L. Gilbert


Ken Kemp served as an Air Gunner on 215 Squadron: Linda Ibrom has produced a very detailed write up on his time with 215.

Ken Kemp, Liberator Gunner
(revised version, 2011)


Sergeant Arthur David Harding was also a gunner on 215 Squadron.
Linda Ibrom has provided the story of his last flight which resulted in his death.

Sergeant Arthur Harding's Last Flight

Mark Smith, Sgt. Harding's nephew, has produce a well illustrated document (including photographs and copies of original documents) giving further details on Sgt. Hardings's life (from 1920 to 1945), and includes information from Linda Ibrom's document.

One of Thousands, Sergeant Arthur David Harding of 215 Squadron, South East Asia Command.

High resolution copy of the painting of KH74 'H' commissioned by Mark Smith.


Note: L. Anthony Leicester has written a book "Flights into the Night" Published by Crecy Publishing Limited (ISBN 0 947554 84 X) which covers his time flying Wellingtons with 215 Squadron in India.

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