354 Squadron RAF

General Reconnaissance Squadron

Formed May 10, 1943 at Drigh Road
Moved to Cuttrack on August 17, 1943
Moved to Minneriya on October 12, 1944
Moved to Cuttack on January 5, 1945
Disbanded May 18, 1945

Aircraft were not received until August 28, 1943

Equipped with:

Individual Aircraft:

Liberator IIIA

Liberator V

Liberator VI

FK227 (T)

BZ805 (V)

KG822 (P) EV833 (X)

Note EV833 (X)is shown in a photograph in Halley's book "Squadrons of the Royal Air Force"

Liberators listed as serving with 354 Squadron
(Includes the "fates" of the aircraft.)
A more detailed list is included in the Form 540/541 file listed below.

Draft Transcripts of Squadron Records

Form 540 Operation Record Book and Form 541 Details of Operations carried out
A copy combining both forms, plus details of the Aircraft, and Honour Roll

Photos of 354 personnel and aircraft.

These photos were in an album produced by Jim Bagdley using photos provided by ex-members of the Squadron. The album was donated to the RCAF Museum at Trenton to serve as a record of 354 Squadron. The museum cannot find the book in its collection.
Luckily, "Bernie" Jackson had the album photocopied before it was sent to the museum. He kindly had his copy recopied; this copy of a copy was what was scanned to produce the document on this site.
One word of warning: this is a 12meg pdf file, so it will take some time to download.

What Happened to EV945 "L" and its Crew"?

On May 14th, 1945, "L" set out on a "Parallel Track Sweep" -- it did not return
Flights were carried out on the 16th searching for it -- with no positive results.
On the 18th of May, the Squadron was disbanded, and all records end.
In 1946, the RCAF obtained an affidavit from former F/O. G. Sourisseau, (who had been the co-pilot on the aircraft). This document gives graphic details of what happened and also illustrates the fate which awaited crews in SEAC who had the misfortune of falling in to Japanese hands.
F/O. Sourisseau's Affidavit.

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