355 Squadron RAF

Formed on August 18, 1943 at Salbani, India
First operation flown on November 20, 1943.
Served as a bomber squadron during the war.
Post-war it flew survey and transport flights.
Disbanded May 31, 1946

Squadron Bases were:

Aircraft types flown:

Liberators listed as serving with 355 Squadron

Includes the "fates" of the aircraft.

F/Sgt Shawcross tells of two postwar Liberator flights

A tribute to Flt/Sgt. David Gwyn Davies
F/Sgt. Davies served on 355 Squadron, and recently passed away; his grandson wrote this sonnet in honour of him.

The Log Book of Bill Cosway
Canadian Bill Cosway flew 20 ops as a 355 Squadron navigator, followed by 18 ops with 159 Squadron after it had been chosen to be South East Asia Command's Pathfinder (PFF) squadron.  Bill's crew and other skilled crews were posted to 159 from other squadrons specifically to bolster its PFF capabilities.  Bill is very proud to have contributed as a PFF navigator.  Thanks to the efforts of Matt Poole, Bill's logbook has been transcribed, with notes by Matt.

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