8 Squadron RAF

 Originally formed January 1, 1915, the Squadron served on the Western Front and in the U. K. until January 20, 1920, when it was disbanded. On October 18, 1920 it was reformed in Egypt and transferred to Iraq in 1921.

Although 8 Squadron RAF had a long history of service in the Middle East, it was "disbanded" on May 1, 1945 and its "number plate" transferred to 200 Squadron RAF (which was "disbanded'). It was by this series of events that "8 Squadron" came to serve in the SEAC area.

Prior to its disbandment, 8 Squadron was scheduled to convert to Liberator aircraft, and it had received two of these aircraft at Aden for its Conversion Flight. However, its use of Liberators on operations did not commence until it was the "renumbered" 200 Squadron.

The squadron was disbanded on November 15, 1945, but was reformed twice post war.

The first post war reforming occured on September 1, 1946, when No. 114 Squadron, who operated in Aden was renumbered as 8 Squadron. It continued to operate until December 21, 1967.

Two photos taken by a member of the squadron who was based at Khomakser from 1951 to 1943 and flew on Brigards, have kindly been supplied by his son and can be viewed here.

8 Squadron still exists, and has a website, which includes an excellent history of the squadron.

Squadron Bases in SEAC

Jessore: May 15, 1945 to May 25, 1945 
Minneriya: May 21, 1945 to November 15, 1945

Aircraft types flown
(While in SEAC)

Liberator VI: May1945 to November 1945

Transcript of the Official Records for 8 Squadron in SEAC
(Copy of the Document in PDF/A format)

Liberators listed as serving with 8 Squadron
(Includes the "fates" of the aircraft.)

There is a link to the records of the squadrons last months in Aden here.

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