Salute to the Air Forces


Dedicated to all who flew during the Second World War
and those who supported them

A few of the heroes

Douglas Bader

Leonard Cheshire

Guy Gibson

'Hoppy' Hodgkinson

Roy Ralston

Clive Beadon

Paul Couturier

Bob Hodgson


Leonard Trent

William Dixon

By the way

'Daddy' Dow

Noel Coward

99 Squadron

27 OTU

Squadron Song

Two AOCs

Eighth Passenger

Life on Cocos

Mercy Mission from Cocos to Kuala Lumpur

Things that didn't go so well

RAF Mutiny

"Y" Service

When it was all over (well, almost!)

Malayan ATC

Pelham Groom

Acknowlegements to the Daily Telegraph for valuable informsation
and extracts from obits. The award winning Electronic Telegraph
can be found on

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