Burma Liberators

Unfortunately, this book is now out of print -- we have contacted the estate of the author to determine if more copies may be available, but at this time they do not know of any more copies.

Excepts from this book may be "e-published" in the future.

By J. R. W. Gwynne-Timothy

This book is a two volume set which covers the background of World War II in Burma and India, as well as details of the operations of all RAF squadrons equipped with Consolidated Liberators (B-24's) in this area.

Including indexes, there are 1157 pages in the two volumes.

Operations in this area included bombing missions to Thailand, mining of Malaysian ports, and attacks on the railroad bridges of the "Death Railway" between Thailand and Burma.

Squadrons Covered are:

231 Group (Strategic Air Force)

222 Group (Indian Ocean Air Force)

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