Books I have found interesting

Sun On My Wings, by Dundas Bednall

Dundas Bednall was the Pilot of the Sunderland "Black Peter". This book is the story of his flying career.

The Burma Liberators, by J.R.W. Gwynne-Timothy

This book covers the operations of Consolidated Liberators (B-24's) by RAF squadrons in the SEAC theatre.

Now out of print.

A Trepid Aviator, by W. W. Frazer

This book covers W. Frazer's service as a pilot on Liberators with 215 and 356 Squadrons based in India

They Shall Grow Not Old

This critically acclaimed memorial and historical documentation to honour all Canadian Airmen and Airwomen who served in the Second World War and to give Remembrance of the 18,000 Canadians who paid the supreme sacrifice for God and Country. Now in its second printing.

A hardcover book of over 800 pages containing:
18,000 Biographies of RCAF casualties, including details of their deaths and final resting places.
Listing of Royal Air Force, Royal Australian Air Force and Royal New Zealand Air Force casualties in Canada.

Dear Mum

The story of a Canadian who served in the RAF (with 242 Squadron) as a Fitter, and died in a Japanese POW camp

The History of 73 Squadron

An "short run" publication written by Don Minterne, whose brother served with the squadron in WWII.

Vol. 1 (1917 to 1940) is out of print, Vol. 2 (November 1940 to September 1943) and Vol. 3 are now in print.

Lavigne Aviation Publications

Limited edition publications on Canadian (and Americans in the RCAF) in WWII.

Prairie Wings, RAF 34 SFTS, Medicine Hat, 1941-1944

A well researched and illustrated book by David Carter

Through Footless Halls of Air:
The Stories of a Few of the Many Who Failed to Return.

By Floyd Willison

Chocks Away!

By Wing Commander Beck, DFC & Bar




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