These pages represent small "tidbits" of information on RAF and Commonwealth Squadrons during WWII.

Included are transcripts of log books and official records plus stories from some airmen.


These pages cover operations of squadrons based in India.
A listing of all Liberator squadrons in this theatre is provided.
A listing of the squadron aircraft is provided
Included are transcripts of log books and aircrew stories.
Transcripts of some of the official records


Mediterranean Theatre

Including Squadrons in the Middle East
Information and photos of 203 Squadron
Photos and newsletters 244 Squadron
Transcript of the official records for the last few months of 8 Squadron in Aden
Photos taken in the Persian Gulf area


The "Canadians on Radar" Project

Information on the Canadians who served as Radar Technicians in WWII.


Coastal Command

120 Squadron

423 Squadron


 Merlin Engined Mustangs

  442 Squadron


Stories from J. Behague

After Surrender: Liberator relief flight to Malaya and First Aircraft to Singapore

J. Behague's old website

J. Behague had produced a website in the late 1990's, which had moved to different servers, then "disappeared" after 2005. His site contained information on a number of important people who had served, as well as details on what had transpried in SEAC during, and after the end of the war. A "copy" of this site has been rebuilt and is available here.


"A Hero Remembered", the story of Joseph Harcourt Tombs, V.C.

By William (Bill) Nurse

The story of Joe Tombs, originally from Australia, who won the V.C. in WWI.
Joe later moved to Canada, and in 1939 he volunteered to serve in the RCAF, which he did until 1944.


Other related items.

Photographs of RCAF Bolingbroke (Blenheim) remains at Elie, Manitoba, 1970


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