Dear Mum

By Ken Stofer

This is the story of Victor Edward "Candy" Syrett, a Canadian who served with the RAF in World War Two.

Victor was from Sooke, B.C., and journeyed (at his own expense) to England in 1940 to join the RAF. He became a "fitter", serving with 242 Squadron. He was posted (with the squadron) to the Far East and captured by the Japanese in Java. He died of beri-beri and double pneumonia at the Fukouka POW camp, Nagasaki, Japan, Feb, 1943.

The book describes his time in the RAF and is highlighted by copies of his letters home to his "Mum".


277 pages, illustrated, paper bound

ISBN 0-969524-0-2

Price $15 Cdn (including shipping)

Copies available from the author.

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3727 Stamboul Street,

Victoria, B.C., Canada,

V8P 5R9

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Updated: August 13, 2002